In the last years CARE Electronics has achieved the following:

  • Quite well-known activity in the electronics sector 
  • More than 15 research projects finished under the umbrella: 


ADSM - Active Disassembling using Smart Materials


AREP - Advanced Recycling, Recovery and Re-use


CARE Disassembly Factory


CONCEERN - CONex Central European Electr(on)ics Recycling Network


ECOLIFE - Closing the Loop of Electr(onic) Products and Domestic Appliances. From Product Planning to End-of-Life Technologies


ECOLIFE II - ECO-efficient LIFE-cycle Technologies. From Products to Services


ELIMA - Environmental Life Cycle Information Management and Acquisition for Consumer Products


grEEEn - Cost Management System for greening Electrical and Electronic Equipment


Materials & Ageing - Materials Recycling And Ageing


MobileRec - Collection, Disassembly and Recycling of Mobile Telecommunication Equipment


ReLCD - Liquid Crystal Display Re-Use and Recycling


SCARE - Strategic Comprehensive Approach for Electronics Recycling and Re-use


SEES - Sustainable Electric & Electronic System for the Automotive Sector


Sustainable Consumption in Cities - European Campaign on Products without Waste and Recycled Products


TVTarget - Eco Efficent Treatment of TV-Sets and Monitors 




The latest projects and news about running projects can be found at the homepage of the Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation (SAT). 


  • 8 big conferences (CARE INNOVATION 1996 in Frankfurt,  CARE INNOVATION 1998 and Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2002, 2006 and 2010 in Vienna as well as Electronics Goes Green 2000, 2004 and 2008 in Berlin) and several smaller Green Electronics events (Stuttgart, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Oslo, Goeteborg, London, Paris, Brussels, Bilbao, Milano, Budapest, Miskolc, Prague, Bucharest, Vienna, …) are regularly organised 
  • The last event successfully organised by CARE Electronics was the Green Electronics 2013 in Budapest (November 2013)
  • The next big conference organised by CARE Electronics will be the Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2014 in Vienna (November 2014)
  • Influence on the RTD Framework Programmes of the European Commission 


Finally in 2005 we decided to withdraw as an EUREKA umbrella and continue as an independent network as we saw more advantages in this way.