CONCEERN - CONex Central European Electr(on)ics Recycling Network


Description of the Project

CONCEERN facilitated the exchange of information between researchers in the Central Europe and beyond, whereas special attention will be paid to the development of novel End-of-Life technologies for EEE. CONCEERN also provided easy access to up-to-date state-of-the-art data on RTD developments. A closed loop product life cycle can be divided into two branches: the traditional approach of EcoDesign (production – destribution – consumption) and End-of-Life Management (optimisation of re-use of products, components and materials) 


The network will focus on the following thematic areas: 

  • Reverse logistics 
  • Intelligent disassembling technologies and utilisation of automation technologies 
  • Multi Life-Cycle Strategies (enhancing product life time by re-use – repair – refurbishment)
  • Material recycling technologies 
  • Development of closed loop systems for EEE (integration of the above mentioned technologies) 

The multidisciplinary character of CONCEERN has been also underlined by its members who are drawn from universities and research centres. In addition, the location of the CONCEERN members in 1 EU member state and 3 new member countries, as well as their links to national socio-economic communities, will facilitate the transfer of RTD results to SMEs and their active participation in thematic events, national meetings and international conferences.



October 2003 – September 2005


Project Coordinator 

Institute for Handling Devices and Robotics, Vienna University of Technology



Główny Instytut Górnictwa (Dept. of Material Engineering Katowice, PL), Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation (AT), Department of Cybernetics - Gerstner Laboratory Faculty of Electrical Engineering Czech Technical University (CZ), Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research - Institute for Logistics and Production Systems Miskolc (HU).