grEEEn - Cost management system for greening electrical and electronic equipment

 The vision of grEEEn for the new millennium: European electronics manufacturers are world leaders in benefiting commercially from greening of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE). This shall be made possible by implementation of the proposed Cost Management System (CMS) for developing eco-efficient EEE. The research focuses on a CMS method for the complete life cycle of EEE leading to a CMS software as well as the application to developing eco-efficient product prototypes. 


The workpackages with their results are: 

  • Requirement analysis
  • Standardised EU CMS method for greening EEE (draft, report)
  • Cost Data Base report (data bank)
  • CMS Software grEEEn (prototype)
  • Case Studies (5 reports of eco-efficient product prototypes realised with grEEEn)
  • Exploitation & dissemination of results
  • Final report 




1.1.2001 – 31.12.2003



University of Technology Berlin



Bosin-Maas (IT), Institute for Polymer Testing and Polymer Science Stuttgart (DE), Siemens AG (DE), PE Europe GmbH (DE), Motorola Advanced Technology Europe (DE), Fujitsu Services Limited (UK), Fundacion GAIKER (ES), LEAR Automotive EEDS (ES), IVF Industrial Research and Development corporation (SE).