ADSM – Active Disassembly using Smart Materials

Existing dismantling and recycling of post consumer product is either a shredding process or an expensive product specific endeavour that is product destructive, laborious and is mechanically intensive procedure. Neither are satisfactory. ADSM offers an entirely different approach. It could enable an industry wide non-destructive dismantling process, increasing the ability to separate toxic and dissimilar components and materials economically. Smart Materials will form releasable fasteners and actuators introduced into products during manufacture. At “End of Life”, at the recycler´s facility, ADSM will provide the self disassembly of products´ assemblies. “Shape Memory Alloy” (SMA) will be used for force providing actuator devices to separate assemblies since SMA has the ability to be stable in two temperature ranges. “Shape Memory Polymer” (SMP) will be used for releasable fastener devices that are capable of dual shape existence allowing release of their host assemblies. The project will test the manufacturers´ modified products on pilot disassembly plant, assess and optimise the process.




1. December 1999 – 31. May 2003



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GAIKER (ES), IKP (DE), Indumetal (ES), Motorola (DE), Nokia (FI), Sony (DE).